A+B Project

This is a collaboration between, Amy Caterina, photographer, (America artist), and Beatrice Magalotti, sculptor (Australian Artist).  We met in Iceland in 2018 and have continued a dialogue relating to our art practices.

 AB+projects_Vol 2

This is a work in progress, Amy and I will be travelling to Assisi, Italy to work together on Volume 2 in September – October 2023



Due to the pandemic and not being able to meet we decided in 2020 to collaborate in a visual project using digital apps and programs. This project is a visual discussion of images and textiles between Amy and I, where we are responding to each other’s works.  This is volume 1 of our project.

This Digital book made up of 27 pages is a visual discussion of drawings, images and textiles between Amy Caterina and Beatrice Magalotti, where each artist was responding to each other’s works.  The text in the book is a selection of discussions between Amy and Beatrice using WhatsApp, most of the text selected used for this book has been taken from 2020. 


This project won the main prize in online exhibition run by artaviso :

Elsewhere & Other Places…

‘When you really just want to be somewhere else … real or imagined actual or constructed. factual or fictitious. When we need to escape the real world and creativity is the perfect escape hatch.’