Beatrice Magalotti

I am a Melbourne based artist.

I embrace a wide range of different media in my sculptural work. My methods are diverse. For example the use of a domestic skill such as crochet to create a bronze sculpture, the making of ceramic pieces using traditional methods, embroidering on flywire.

I use what I have on hand and source other techniques and materials to enhance my pieces. I work in a methodical manner, deconstructing and reconstructing and refining until the piece sits comfortably in its own space. I also use photography to address similar themes to those in my sculpture, using a number of printing methods from laser etching to salt printing. I am constantly developing and redefining my work, picking up numbers of threads to create a whole.

I completed my BA, sculpture at Prahran in 1985 and my Curatorial Postgrad at Melbourne University in 1992.

In March 2017 I had an art residency in Stanley, Tasmania where I was mentored by Jon Eiseman, Sculptor and Anne Conron, printmaker & ceramicist. This challenging residency was a perfect way to obtain critical feedback on my work and to produce a significant new body of work.

My latest exhibition was held in October 2016 at the Cambridge Studio Gallery, Collingwood. My first major exhibition was in 2002 at Moor Street Art Gallery, Fitzroy and I have been exhibiting on a regular basis from 2003 at Steps Gallery, Carlton and since 2013 at Cambridge Studio Gallery, Collingwood.

I have also curated a number of exhibitions for other groups and artists, in particular “Libart” in 2005 and 2010-2012 for the Association Sculpture Victoria for their annual exhibitions. In 2002 I was artist in residence at Catholic Ladies College, Eltham.

In 1998 I started Shelter Shed Art with other artists where I was able to bring an art appreciation experience to primary school students and to make sculpture fun and enjoyable.

My major research thesis was on the Meat Workers Union Patronage of the Arts.

I plan to have an exhibition every 18 months.